Punny Business

A bit of a random post, but I thought some of these were too good to go when they drop off iPlayer.  This all stated when Adam Catterall was looking for a name for a hair dressing business that a friend was starting, so he asked for suggestions on the radio show he was hosting.  It was such a good feature he continued it for the rest of the week.  Here are the results:

Tuesday (Hair Dressers)

Mentioned: The Hair Port; Bob On; Chop Suey; Head Office; Hair to the Throne; Uppercuts

Top Five:

  1. Blood, Sweat and Shears
  2. Curl Up and Dye
  3. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
  4. Hair Force One
  5. Barber Black Sheep

She ended up choosing Crops and Robbers apparently.

Wednesday (Kebab Shops)

Mentioned: Rehab Kebab; Absolutely Kebabulous; Grillers in the Mist; Sheesh; Prima Doners; Kebabilon

Top Five:

  1. Pitta Sweet Symphony
  2. The Good, Kebab and the Ugly
  3. Abrakebabra
  4. Pitta and Twisted
  5. Jason’s Doner Van

Thursday (Tanning Salons)

Mentioned: Right Said Sunbed, Tanfastic; Brown and Out; Strictly Come Tanning; The We Tan Clan; Tan Francisco

Top Five:

  1. Brown Dyed Girl
  2. Must Tan Sallys
  3. Jean Claude Van Tan
  4. Tanumission
  5. Fakey Bakey Tart

Friday (Fish and Chip Shops)

Mentioned: Chip Chip Hooray; Cod Save the Bream; The Chipsy King; Plaice Station; Addicted to Plaice

Top Five:

  1. Fish Bash Bosh
  2. Pies and Predufish
  3. Battersy Cods Home
  4. Salty Towers
  5. The Star Chip Enterprise

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