About the Author

The Digerati Peninsula is a blog by Lee Penney and is one of a number of sites I run where I publish my views and opinions on a range of topics in the hope someone will read them and find them interesting. Unlike most of my other sites, which generally focus on one topic, the Peninsula is more of a general dumping ground for anything that crosses my mind.

You can find me elsewhere on the web at places like Tumblr, where I post smaller things of interest, and Twitter.

The Site Name

What’s the name all about? Well, when naming the site, I was looking for something cool, unusual and obscure. Most of the single words had gone, at least the ones I liked, so I started searching for ‘cool’ words. That’s when the Archive of Cool Words came to my rescue. When trawling the list, I noticed Digerati which means: persons knowledgeable about computers and technology and thought it was apt. Then, for some reason, I decided to have a ‘place’ so went looking for a place term that would fit. I trawled astronomy sites for terms of distant galaxies, mythology of fictional lands and history for forgotten countries but didn’t find anything that stuck. Then Peninsula hit me, and there you have it.