Building Down

Watching a TED talk video presented by Bjarke Ingels — who works at BIG, a Danish architecture firm — with a friend of mine, it raised a question I’ve had for a while about buildings in the UK: why don’t we build down?

I don’t know anyone who has a basement, which is strange for a nation as populous as ours, certainly one that is (relatively) land poor (actually, we only rank as the 53rd most densely populated country, though that is the UK rather than England, which is close to 30th). In London it seems basements were all the craze (back in 2009 at least) to expand your home as there was no other way, but it doesn’t seem done much anywhere else.

I’m not just talking about homes either, what about commercial buildings, why aren’t they adding floor space and parking below ground so they can better utilise the space above?  I’m not the only nutter inspired thinker to propose making better use of space below the surface either, just look at this design for an ‘Earth-scraper’ from an architect in Mexico. Continue reading