Towering Darkness (pt 5)

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“Who are you?” asked Rael.
“We’re simple travellers, my lord.”
“I’m not your lord and if you’re travellers, why were you hiding in the trees?”
“We heard your horses and didn’t know if you were bandits, we hid in fear of our lives.”
“If you don’t stop lying we’ll see how you fair with an arrow in your heart, speak quickly.” Rael drew his bow, aiming at the smaller man, who looked at his companion and shrugged.
“Very well, we’re bandits. We were planning to rob you. Satisfied?”
Rael lowered his bow.
“How would you like to earn some honest money?”
This got their attention. Continue reading


Towering Darkness (pt 4)

If you haven’t already, you may wish to start at the beginning or read the last part of this story before reading on.

He let the princess sleep late. With no idea what they faced there didn’t seem much point in rushing headlong into it. After a leisurely breakfast, Rael packed everything back onto their spare horses and lead the way back to the road. Nothing moved and there was no sign of any fresh tracks. Slowly they edged onto the road and started back towards the road that led to Edlenser. Despite making their way back along the road after escaping the guards, Rael estimated they were still a couple of hours ride from the fork. They moved slowly. The princess had said nothing so far, which worried Rael, he was concerned she may be suffering some sort of trauma following her ordeal. He didn’t know how to help her deal with it though and so decided staying quiet, giving her time and space and being ready should she need him was the best course of action. They were both silent as they rode and it was nearly midday when the princess pulled back her hood, the motion startled Rael so much he nearly fell off his horse. Continue reading

Towering Darkness (pt 3)

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“No sign of him?” asked Fiden.
“He’s gone deep into the forest, impossible to track him.”
“Leave him, I’m sure he’ll head home, or run into a bandit. So much for your brave defender, my Lady. Now it’s just you and us, oh what fun we’ll have. Tie her hands.”

At camp that night the Guard didn’t bother with the royal tent, tying the princess to a fallen tree as they feasted and drank. After they had filled their bellies they looked for entertainment. One of the guards, staggered over to the princess. Continue reading

Towering Darkness (pt 2)

If you haven’t already, you may wish to read part 1 of this story before reading on.

The princess was accompanied by five sour-faced Royal Guards, all heavily armed and clad in their distinctive black tunics. They did little and said even less, but they had the look of fighting men — the steel-eyed stare — and several sported the scars to prove it. Princess Bouchet remained hidden under the raised hood of her cloak and kept her words to a minimum when she spoke, which was rarely. This suited Rael, he enjoyed peace and quiet and as the others largely ignored him he took the opportunity to enjoy the nature and views that surrounded them, something the others seemed not to notice.

Slowly the countryside slipped by and he got into the routine of the trip. They would rise shortly after dawn, breakfast, the princess would bath, then they’d break camp and head off on the road. They would stop when the princess signalled time for lunch and have a bite to eat, then continue on until the light began to fail, when they would find a suitable campsite and the royal guard would erect a tent for the princess. Rael and the guards would sleep outside, except when it rained, when they would hang a tarpaulin from some trees for protection. The guards took turns to stand watch throughout the night. All this was done in near silence. If they passed a village or small town they would often stop outside as one of the guards went in to purchase supplies.
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Towering Darkness (pt 1)

I had warned you that I was going to try and write some fiction for a change. Be aware that it’s not good, you can blame David Gemmell for putting me in the mood to write fantasy. More to come.

In the city kingdom of Maddram, Rael had been called before the king. They had known each other for some time and, while they moved in different circles, they were good friends. King Drenden had ruled for nearly 15 years, he had lead his people well and he had forged his kingdom into a happy and wealthy one. Rael made sure he was standing at his full height and puffed his large chest out, cutting an imposing figure, before walking into the throne room.
“Master Rael of Burntwood”, announced a spindly court steward as he entered.
The king immediately looked up from the scroll he was studying, he abandoned it as Rael approached, stood up and descended the steps to the floor. Rael bowed formally and as he stood up the king grabbed him by both arms.
“Rael, my friend, so good to see you.”
Both men grinned. Continue reading

Saved by a Sorceress

Saved by a Sorceress is a full-length screenplay I wrote a year or so ago after watching Dungeons & Dragons.

For reasons that escape me now (i.e. after repeat viewings), I liked D&D. So much so it got me motivated to write my own Fantasy-based script.

So I started thinking of what you could do to make a good Fantasy film. There are seriously few of them if you look (LOTR really is the only series/film that’s made any real money).

I struck at the idea of making a female lead. Something that is extremely rare in my experience of Fantasy novels and movies. Continue reading