Man Braves Freezing Weather To Cross Parking Lot

The Onion at it’s best:

LANCASTER, PA—Surmounting treacherous icy pavement and a windchill factor dipping as low as 19 degrees Fahrenheit, local resident Louis Bergstrom survived a real-life battle with the elements Friday when he successfully completed a harrowing four-and-a-half-minute journey across the desolate, frozen parking lot of an area G & G Grocery Store, the 38-year-old court stenographer told reporters.

According to Bergstrom, with night coming and temperatures dropping rapidly, he was forced to leave his wife, Linda, 37, at the entrance of the supermarket and valiantly set out on his own to retrieve the couple’s 2001 Toyota Corolla. Before leaving, Bergstrom solemnly vowed that he would return for his pregnant wife as soon as he possibly could.

Recuperating at home following his struggle with nature’s fury, a visibly shaken Bergstrom recounted the look in his wife’s eyes at the moment he set out across the barren rows of the parking lot.

“I could see that she was concerned, but I wasn’t about to let Linda go out there,” a blanket-wrapped Bergstrom said from the safety of his living room couch between sips of hot chocolate. “She’d left her hat at home.”


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2010 gears up for explosion of 3D

Nope, I don’t see it happening. For standard TV programming and film 3D doesn’t add anything to the experience as far as I’m concerned, in fact, it detracts from it.

On the other hand, for gaming it might open up some new possibilities. Check out Johnny Chung Lee’s example.


The Ariane rocket celebrates its 30th birthday

Ariane grew out of the failed Europa rocket programme of the late 1960s.

Europa, you will recall, was a UK-initiated project for which the British, the French and the Germans would each provide a stage.

Only the British contribution – derived from its Blue Streak missile – worked on each of the four launches.

Sounds about right.

When the Brits walked away, the French and the Germans decided to stick with it.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The Franco-German alliance had a strong incentive to succeed.

They’d developed a couple of telecommunications satellites called Symphonie; and when it became clear Europa could not launch them, the two nations approached the US to get a ride on one of its Delta rockets.

The then US President, Richard Nixon, agreed but, keen to protect the market monopoly enjoyed at the time by the Intelsat organisation, told the Europeans that Symphonie could not be used commercially. They could use them only as technology demonstrators.

Talk about an idiotic decision.

Whatever direction the European rocket programme takes, a way has got to be found to reduce the price of access to space.

Simple maths shows the factory gate cost of an Ariane 5 is about 115m euros.

Get the Brits back in, we’ll get something built with change for a fiver and it’ll still be more reliable than the Ariane.


Is Peter Jackson Secretly Preparing To Film Philip Reeve’s Traction Cities Epic?

Good God I hope so.

The hush-hush project is understood to be in early development, with work on the first of the four books under way, industry sources say. Weta Workshops is also believed to be working on designs for the science fiction series, which features giant mobile cities. A spokesman for Jackson did not deny the project was on the books yesterday, but said “any comment should come from Peter”. Jackson, who is understood to have had the rights to the books for some time, was unavailable for comment.


Project Canvas given green light by BBC Trust

What is Project Canvas?

Project Canvas is a partnership between the BBC, ITV, BT, Five, Channel 4 and Talk Talk to develop a common interface for Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) in the UK.
Flat screen TV
Project Canvas aims to set a common standard for internet TV

IPTV allows you to access programmes via the net rather than through the air.

Canvas is an attempt to replicate the success of Freeview for internet television.

The partnership believes that developing a single standard will bring a new range of services in to the living room and kick-start demand for television over the internet.


Rage Against the Machine beat X Factor winner in charts

While I think it’s nice that the masses proved it’s us that rule the charts and not some exec at a music company or Simon Cowell, could they not have found a better song from a better artist to champion? Why not pick something Christmassy or the Children in Need song?

And Simon won’t care, the battle has probably increased the sales of the X-Factor single massively anyway, so he’s minted.